• LLW QUAD-BORE Barrel 5oz

          LLW QUAD-BORE Barrel 5oz

          At 5oz, our new LLW (Ludicrous Lightweight Barrel) QUAD-BORE Barrel is our latest and possibly the lightest barrel on the planet for your competition 10/22.

          The QUAD-BORE LLW is similar in appearance to our original LLW series barrels (10.5oz Stainless and 8.8oz Titanium) except the new QUAD-BORE LLW weighs in at just 5.0 oz!

          • Lightweight, durable, extreme low moment of inertia for lightning quick starts and transitions
          • More than 40% lighter than our Titanium 8.8oz LLW barrel
          • 416 stainless steel breech and breech face to withstand extremely high round counts
          • Wiland USA Proprietary Rimfire Chambering gives very high reliability during high      round counts while still maintaining exceptional accuracy
          • Fits 10/22 OEM or aftermarket receivers and stocks/chassis
          • High strength aerospace alloy aluminum body and seamless drawn tube
          • 1:16 Twist Rate, 22LR Bore
          • Length: 16.1" - no SBR tax stamp required
          • Diameter: tapers from .920" at the receiver down to .750" at the muzzle
          • A 5" rifled section gives you the same ballistic "feel" and bullet drop between your pistols and rifles
          • All of the Wiland USA .750 SOL Front Fiber Optic Sights will fit the QUAD-BORE LLW
          • CNC machined and heat treated from bar stock
          • High degree of accuracy in chamber, rifling, and throat
          • Exceptional performance with any brand, high and standard velocity 22LR ammunition
          • Cerakote® Savage Stainless or Graphite Black finish and CNC Laser Engraved
          • Defies Physics!
          • Did we mention it is only 5.0 oz?



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                Keeps heat off your hands when not using a guard on your rifle.

                These are not needed when using our MCLS-11 Chassis as our Chassis come with a carbon fiber handguard that keeps your hand off the barrel.

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