NEW The Composite Edge Modular Lightweight Chassis System for the 10/22 Cerakoted NRA Blue

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MLCScomposite Blue Cerakote
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A lightweight, durable, and configurable chassis to fit everyone from competitive juniors to linebackers. 

  • The same match winning geometry, design and quality as our original Modular Chassis
  • Backwards compatible with all our carbon fiber handguards, stock tubes and grips
  • Details and more images to be posted soon
  • Tough Composite Material Cerakoted NRA Blue
  • Lifetime Warranty regardless if you are the original owner or not
  • Now available for order and in stock
  • Weight: 16oz... 6oz lighter than our Cerakote® finished aluminum chassis 

Optional components available:

  • One pound adjustable weight kit (four separate 4 ounce discs for tunability)
  • Four-way infinitely adjustable cheek riser
  • Infinitely adjustable hand-stop for the carbon fiber handguard
  • Grip designed for smaller hands
  • Different angle grip

Other options in development:

  • buttplate for juniors
  • buttplate lateral offset bushings