LLW3 Complete AR/PCC 9mm Upper Assembly

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Wiland USA LLW3 (Ludicrously-Light-Weight) 9mm Upper Assembly

Reliably and accurately take advantage of your 80 Power Factor loads !!!

Comes completely assembled, torqued, and threadlocked with:

  • Wiland USA Carbon Composite Fiber Handguard Assembly
  • Wiland USA LLW 15 oz PCC 9mm Barrel
  • Forged, CNC Machined, and Hard Black Anodized 7075 Upper with 1913 Pic Rail
  • 4140 Heat Treated and Black Nitrided 9mm Bolt (purpose designed 9mm bolt, not a reworked 556 bolt)
  • 7075 Charging Handle
  • Correct Spring and Buffer for ( Light ) 80 Power Factor Loads
  • Glock Mag Compaible
  • Our LLW3 Upper Assemblies are extremely reliable and like to run on 105-147 grain round nose ammunition.  We maintain a very precise chamber and headspace dimension, to SAAMI spec for 9 x 19 (9mm Luger), giving the competitor exceptional accuracy with unmatched reliability.

Wiland USA LLW3 Upper Assemblies hold National Steel Challenge speed records and have won numerous matches already in the last few years.

Note: Do NOT use this assembly with factory ammunition.

It is specifically designed to cycle low-power ammunition for steel match shooting. Although the bolt & barrel can more than handle factory loads without a problem, the buffer and buffer spring are set up for light, special steel match loads.

If you would like to use factory ammunition with this assembly, you will need to switch out the buffer and spring to a 9mm heavy buffer and appropriate spring.

Damage to your firearm and injury may occur due to using factory ammunition with the configuration of this assembly as it arrives to you.

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss if you wish to use factory ammo in this assembly.




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  • 5
    Llw3 complete lower

    Posted by James Droigk on Mar 2nd 2022

    Very light weight works great with my palmetto lower

  • 5
    Llw3 complete lower

    Posted by James Droigk on Mar 2nd 2022

    Very light weight works great with my palmetto lower

  • 5

    Posted by Peter Hillman on Feb 22nd 2022

    The Wiland USA upper is ludicrous lightweight results in faster times! Here's my year review of the upper. I started shooting steel challenges around 2019. My practice consisted of indoor range time and local matches when I had time off. I received Wiland's upper after the 2020 Kentucky Steel Challenge State Championship match. I scored an overall time of 92.73 with my Nordic Performance PCC and finished 1st in A-Class. My PCCO was heavy, and I wanted to make it lighter. My goal with the Wiland USA LLW upper was to make Master Class before the 2021 season was over. I reached out to Todd from Wiland and wanted the upper minus the bolt and recoil spring as I don't reload. I swapped uppers when it arrived. As of right now, I have the Wiland LLW upper on a Nordic Performance lower, HD hydraulic buffer w/weight, and .308 spring. I have shot a mix of ammo, and I feel Federal 130 gr is the best ammo for my setup. I have also used the 150 gr flat nose ammo from Federal for USPSA matches and never had an issue. I have put 4,371 rounds downrange without any problems. I finished the 2021 Kentucky Steel Challenge State Championship match with a score of 82.63 taking 1st in PCCO A-Class and finally making the jump into Master Class. I cut 10.1 within a year, all thanks to the Wiland USA LLW upper!

  • 5
    9 mm complete upper

    Posted by Mackie on Feb 10th 2022

    Extremely lightweight and more reliable than my MPX. Entire build with optic is under 5 lbs. I use this for steel challenge with 105 grain at 850 fps. Hiperfire eclipse works great in it with a ZR tactical lower . I'm thinking of building another one for USPSA. Upper seems a bit soft as my charging handle claw has nearly chewed thru it but it's so lightweight I don't really care.

  • 4
    9mm upper

    Posted by John R Dorn on May 2nd 2021

    I've only gotten to shoot it a few times and I'm still finding a load it's happy with, with the powders I have. I shot it in its first match and it ran fine, then click, no bang. One of the trigger pins fell out. Certainly not the uppers fault. Anti-rotate pins have taken care of that. Will be shooting it this weekend with a variety of loads and a chrono. Once dialed in this will be a 5 star upper!

  • 5
    LLW3 complete upper assembly

    Posted by Kenneth McCartney on Jun 5th 2020

    Top shelf machine work -Quality all the way, super light.