For AR/PCC, 15oz LLW Barrel, 9mm, w/Cerakote Graphite Black Matte Finish

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The Wiland USA 9mm LLW (Ludicrously-Light-Weight Barrel) for your 9mm PCC has been designed from the ground up for performance.

At 15 ounces (.93 lbs) our 9mm PCC LLW Barrel has high reliability, accuracy and is one of the lightest barrel in the world.

As it is a mono-material barrel, all 4140 steel barrel (non-tensioned), there are no resins or multiple material interfaces.

The tenon is CNC machined to within .0005" for a precision fit to your bore.

Our LLW Barrel is designed and completely CNC machined in South Carolina from solid steel and heat treated.

Remove the extra inertia at the end of your steel match gun and feel your times drop!

This is a full legal length barrel of 16.1" - you will NOT need an SBR Tax Stamp.

This is a "no-modification", close fit, barrel for all standard AR Uppers with 1.000" bores.


- In the interest of retaining accuracy with all other rounds, our LLW 9mm Barrel will not work with Syntech 150 grain rounds,

  but will work with all lighter Federal Syntech 9mm rounds.

- Our barrels will feed just about any profile reliably.  This includes flat nose conical, round nose, hollow point and hollow base designs.


A note about ammunition:


Hitek coated (or other coatings) bullets are highly suggested for steel match shooting because they do not have jackets to fragment, greatly reducing chance of injury.


Summers Enterprises makes an excellent bullet for reloaders. 

Tens of thousands of rounds of their 125 and 105 grain .356 bullet have been extensively tested in our barrels and have won many matches.

They are very accurate at high and low velocities, have extremely consistent weights/sizing, and are available at a competitive price. 

They will not lead up our barrels.

They are a small business owned and operated by competitive shooters as well.

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    LLW PCC Barrel

    Posted by Rick Crosby on Oct 27th 2020

    Todd went out of his way to build this barrel. My upper was not mil spec and he did some machining to fit my upper. I have only shot about 200 rounds with this barrel , it appears to be quite accurate and the reliability seems 100%. It points and transitions like lightning. I should be able to shave some time with this set up.

  • 5
    Buy it, you won't regret it.

    Posted by Josh Smith on Jul 1st 2020

    I'm on my 3rd Wiland PCC barrel now and love all 3 of them!

  • 5
    Buy it, you won't regret it.

    Posted by Josh Smith on Mar 18th 2020

    Hands down one of the best lightweight 9mm PCC barrel's on the market! Top notch service and product.

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    AR Pcc Barrel

    Posted by Brian Ferguson on Nov 2nd 2019

    Fast shipping when I got the barrel I noticed it was a 5" barrel with an aluminum sleeve which is ok . I can't believe the weight difference from a stock barrel .I had a chance to shoot it Friday and it will definitely help me in steel challenge . I will try it more and if everything works like I think it will I will be ordering another one for my other pcc. The only thing I see is may have to clean the sleeve after every match since I am using coated bullets.

  • 5
    Easy Drop-in Install

    Posted by Wayne Becker on Oct 21st 2019

    I installed this barrel on a PSA PCC upper. The barrel fit fine without any fitting. I use this rifle for Steel Challenge and I didn't even need to adjust my optic. Very happy with accuracy and, of course, the weight. And I noticed no muzzle rise at all.

  • 5
    Very Impressive!

    Posted by Josh Smith on Sep 29th 2019

    Super lightweight barrel. It groups well and shifts the balance of my PCC gun rearward, which feels more natural. Very happy with it.

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    9mm PCC Barrel

    Posted by Vance W Williamson on Sep 4th 2019

    Outstanding product! Cut over a pound from my PCC. Point of impact did not change. Barrel was received quickly and was EXTREMELY CLEAN. A plus for Steel Challenge shooters! Vance Williamson, Captain of Team Match Tracker