416 Stainless 10/22 LLW Barrel W/ Comp Cut - .22LR Sporter Chamber, .6875" Precision Slip Fit Tenon Diameter

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Now in 416 Stainless with our CNC Comp Cut ! 


The Wiland USA 10/22 LLW (Ludicrously-Light-Weight Barrel) for your 10/22 performs like no other. 


At 11 ounces (.7 lbs) our 10-22 LLW Barrel has competition-proven reliability, durability, accuracy and is the lightest barrel with the lowest Moment of Inertia in the world.


Our CNC Comp Cut near the muzzle vents a portion of the gasses upward to mitigate muzzle rise


Designed and manufactured 100% in the USA


- 416 Stainless version is identical in dimensions to our original 4140 Steel LLW 10/22 barrel

- Mono-material barrel - all heat treated 416 stainless steel barrel (non-tensioned), there are no resins or multiple material interfaces with different thermal expansion rates.  A precision, high strength, seamless steel tube is pressed in a specially designed fixture.

- Tenon is CNC machined to .6875" for a precision slip fit to your receiver's bore.

- Sport Chambered for extremely-high feed reliability while still maintaining accuracy

- Remove the extra inertia at the end of your steel match gun and feel your times drop!

- Full legal length barrel of 16.1" - you will NOT need an SBR Tax Stamp.

- Drop-in barrel for any “Bull Barrel” .920” stocks.  No modifications to your stock are necessary.

- Our LLW barrels taper from .920" down to .750"

- Shot clock friendly even with subsonic loads!


Give us a call with any questions 843 226 0717


Muzzle Velocity (Feet Per Second) measured out of our 10-22 LLW Barrel with some commonly available ammunition


Conditions: 82 degrees, 85% humidity


Ballistic Precision Chronograph data (10' from muzzle):


Aguila Sub-Sonic 40gr Solid Point w/Eley Prime - 954, 943, 955, 939, 937

Eley "Yellow Box" Target 40gr 1090 22LR RN - 1020, 1015, 1019, 1025, 1004

CCI Quiet - 664, 671, 709, 711, 710

CCI Standard Velocity - 961, 988, 961, 975, 966

Remington Golden Bullets (not recommended for competition) 40 gr RN – 1053, 1010, 1103, 1138, 1086

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    great barrel

    Posted by KERRY H SMITH on Aug 1st 2020

    great quality barrel, looks great, very light, very well made. excellent service

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    Posted by Andrew Hager on Jun 25th 2020

    Very easy to install on the 10/22 or a Thompson Center T/CR22 since the T/C has 10/22 replaceable components. The new barrel took 2 lbs off the stock T/C making it ideal for competitive shooting requiring quick, precise movements.

  • 5

    Posted by Kyle Gibson on May 27th 2020

    I bought this barrel last December as a Christmas present to my 11 year old steel shooter. His SASP team practices were making his forward arm hurt because of the weight of the rifle.
    This barrel made all the difference between a fun rifle and a 'too heavy' rifle for the little ones.
    We have a bit over 4500 rounds though ours, mostly CCI Poly Subsonics. It's a tack-driver, and we've yet to see a single feed problem or extract issue. The shot timers love it, it's like having an echo chamber on the end of your rifle. Even with "social distancing" we've yet to see a shot not picked up by the RO's.
    Can't say enough good things about this barrel, but here's the best compliment I can think of. I logged in here tonight to order another one.

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    If you want a lightweight barrel, this is it!

    Posted by Zach on May 18th 2020

    I got this barrel because I was trying to reduce the weight on my 10/22 that I use for steel challenge. This is the lightest barrel on the market. Other brands are pushing about 13-15oz and when you’re shooting for speed you want lightweight and still reliable and accurate. Installation was easy. If you have an aftermarket receiver you might have to take a tiny amount of Material the tenon but it’s not hard at all. As for accuracy I haven’t shot it from more than about 15 yards yet but even then I was hitting a 4inch steel plate offhand. For the same price and even less than the bigger names in the 10/22 game I’d go with this barrel over and over. Oh and I received it in about 4-5 business days. Thank you Wiland, I now have a 10/22 that weighs 3 lbs 8 oz with my optic.

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    10/22 stainless LLW Barrel with Comp Cuts

    Posted by Forrest Boudreaux on Apr 26th 2020

    Great barrel, extremely light, accurate, easy to install. Feeds all brands of Ammo. Would highly recommend it!