Carolina Crusher - .22LR Bull Barrel Compensator 1.062" OD

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The Carolina Crusher is designed and guaranteed to significantly reduce muzzle jump on your .22LR rifle or pistol.



If you want something with a bunch of holes in it that looks neat, that's fine, but if you want something engineered to be a true compensator, look no further. 

If you're shooting in competitions such as Steel Challenge or where speed is king, 10ths and 100ths of a second mean winning or losing. Keeping your sights on target means much faster follow-up shots. 

Intended to fit .22LR bull barrel with 1/2-28 thread and provide a clean look. Recess fits barrels up to 0.950 inches in diameter with 0.225 inches of clearance to the front sight.

Proudly CNC machined in South Carolina using the finest USA made CNC equipment and materials. Precisely machined from aerospace alloy aluminum to exacting standards and anodized black or clear. 

Clocked with included Viton O-rings.

We ship to United States addresses only. 

We will ship a black anodized compensator unless you specify in the notes that you would like a clear one. Thank you!

Please check your local laws to confirm conformance. 


2 left in clear anodize !  Please add in the notes section if you would like a clear one !